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Aanval 8 Sneak Peak

Aanval 8 is almost here, with a brand new look, and loaded with new and improved features and performance! We've released a few early screenshots of Aanval 8. Take a look!

Dude. Sweet.

Aanval SAS™

The industry's leading Snort, Suricata, and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console just got a whole lot better. Aanval SAS (Situational Awareness System) delivers complete end-to-end network visibility and is the combination of our most advanced threat management features with our newly released False Positive Protection, Network Host Scanner, Rogue Host Detection, and Offensive Reconnaissance modules. Aanval is the solution for IT security professionals demanding a proven security and network operations tool with a strong focus on intrusion detection, coupled with robust log management and SIEM capabilities.

We're not making this up. Government security and defense organizations from more than a half dozen countries, global financial and educational institutions, as well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon Aanval as a part of their security infrastructure.

We invite you to create an account to download Aanval; take our demo for a spin, view customer success stories, or contact our Sales and Support staff to answer your questions.

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Aanval has been designed to correlate event data and logs from hundreds of vendor products and solutions including those listed above.

Offensive Reconnaissance™

Aanval SAS takes advantage of Nmap, the industry's most well-known and accomplished port scanning utility to perform both automated and on-request network reconnaissance.

Network host availability, port, and service scanning as well as OS fingerprinting are now available directly within Aanval.

Rogue Host Detection

Automated Rogue Host Detection and alerting capabilities are now built-in to Aanval to help security analysts and network administrators stay on top of these pesky little devices.

Aanval keeps full logs of network hosts and reconnaissance results and uses this information within its correlation engine to better represent valid events and limit false positives.

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Situational Awareness™

New to Aanval SAS is our unique Situational Awareness engine that provides an in-depth event and architecture analysis of the host network.

A list of network events is nearly useless; it's our job to build systems that allow analysts to make determinations quickly while being well-informed.

Situational Awareness within Aanval allows analysts to quickly identify which specific devices, services, and approximate areas of the network are most at risk and which are more likely to be a problem in the future.

Define devices, services, ports, and protocols supported within your environment and let Aanval build detailed summaries of your network's security posture and current risks.

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False Positive Protection

Aanval includes a powerful event validation engine that performs real-time analyses of events against customizable network, device, and service definitions.

False positives are the number one reason intrusion analysis systems fail to provide accurate and timely results. Even small numbers of false positives are costing organizations significant amounts of time, resources, and allocated budgets to manage.

Aanval's event validation engine automatically tags and filters events to help keep false positives from overpowering true risks, allowing analysts and engineers to focus and get back to protecting the network.

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Event Correlation

Aanval is a fully-integrated event management and attack data correlation engine. Aanval compares and correlates attacks in real-time and provides easy-on-the-eyes charts and visual representations of related attack data across Snort, Suricata, and syslog-sourced data.

Using every detail of a normalized event, Aanval compares events against one another as well as groups of events to identify complex attack patterns or determine if a single attack may or may not be related to larger attacks happening within the same timeframe.

Correlation is performed in both real-time and on-demand, allowing analysts to select an event and see which events may be related.

Ranking is simple to understand. Aanval provides a percentage value for each correlated event, letting the analyst know how confident Aanval is in its decision.

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Aanval SAS includes a powerful new mapping framework that gives it the ability to do some pretty impressive geographic location plotting.

Visualize attack data based on source, destination, risk level, and quantity of events--and all of this plotted on a fully interactive map of the world.

View various GeoLocation-based displays including Aanval's real-time Live GeoLocation display, as well as newly updated Frequent Offenders and Frequent Targets displays.

Know precisely where your network threats originate! Zoom, drag, and hover your mouse for details of both static and real-time GeoLocation details.

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Aanval SAS™ Appliances

We have brought the industry's leading Snort, Suricata, and Syslog intrusion detection and correlation console together with the world's most stable and advanced operating system and hardware combination.

Aanval SAS Appliances come pre-configured and drop-in ready for organizations of all sizes and technology requirements.

Turn-key, Scalable Solutions

Appliances are custom configured for target architectures and loaded with the latest releases of Aanval SAS, Snort and/or Suricata, Nessus, Metasploit, etc.

Scalable from small, single-appliance solutions to fully inter-operable, large-scale enterprise deployments.

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